The vehicle has cost me a lot. Will not the product spoil me, right?

Our product is a distillation of vegetable alcohols that do not produce any harmful effect on the vehicle. Neither does it create addiction like other products that have derelicts of oil, but our company for its security has an insurance that even covers the work stoppage.

If I use it, the first time will not stir all the waste that the deposit has and the filters will clog up?

No, Ebiobox enters the core of these residues and dissolves or destroys them, taking them to the combustion hearth, achieving a perfect combustion.

If I throw more quantity of product, will I clean the vehicle beforehand?

Evidently yes. being a distillation of vegetable alcohols if we throw more quantity we will clean the vehicle faster, but it will cost more.

If I miss more, will I increase fuel economy?

No, the savings will be the same but it will cost us more expensive.

I have the vehicle under warranty, if something happens to the engine and the brand does not take care of the damage?

We have an insurance that responds to everything. Anyway, our product is mixed at 0.20% and we have verified that if the brand reviews the fuel (which is the first operation they perform) Ebiobox does not appear in the analysis.

Does the product break down if it is not used for a while?

No, Ebiobox maintains all its properties for at least several years.

Does Ebiobox increase the working temperature of the engine to burn all the waste?

No, Ebiobox does destroy and dissolve all those residues to take them to the combustion hearth and make the combustion practically perfect.

EBIOBOX Frequently Asked Questions